It’s time for the US non-farm payrolls competition

It’s nearly time for the September payrolls number as thus a chance to get your name up in lights as the ultimate picker of the non-farm payrols number.

Here are the rules. All you have to do is pick a number for the NFP. Hit the nail on the head or get closest to the number to win.

  • You pick a number as your guess for the Friday NFP number – 1 guess per person
  • First person who picks a number gets it (you can pick another number if your 1st guess is taken)
  • Closest to the number wins. In the case of a draw or split, the person who entered first by time gets it (this month the next person will get the second prize)
  • Only guesses in the comments on this post count (put them anywhere else and you’re out of luck)
  • Entries in by 12.29:59 GMT Friday

The prize this month is a free one month pass to the exclusive ForexFlow Live Trading Platform.

Expectations are for around 185k for the number.

Get your thinking caps on.


Ryan Littlestone

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