September 2018 UK mortgage and consumer vredit data 29 October 2018

  • Prior 66,440. Revised to 66,101
  • Mortgage lending 3.892bn vs 3.000bn exp. Prior 2.904bn. Revised to 3.101bn
  • BOE consumer credit 0.785bn vs 1.200bn exp. Prior 1.118bn. revised to 1.215bn
  • Of which credit card lending 0.477m vs 0.466m prior
  • Total lending to non-fin firms -1.678bn vs 1.911bn prior. Revised to 2.201bn
  • Of which SME lending 0.355bn vs 0.034bn prior. Revised to 0.104bn

A 3 year low in lending led by a fall in car sales. That’s potentially bad news as Sep is a month where new car sales can be strong as new licence plates are released.

Ryan Littlestone

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