The Commitment of Traders net speculative positions report from the CFTC as of Tuesday 20 November 2018

  • JPY -100k vs -102k prior
  • EUR -47k vs -37k prior
  • GBP -43k vs -47k prior
  • AUD -59k vs -60k prior
  • NZD -19k vs -21k prior
  • CAD -6k vs -3k prior
  • CHF -20k vs -19k prior
  • BTC -109 vs -163 prior
  • S&P 4103 vs 2202 prior
  • US10 -367k vs -333k prior

Some minor changes in most but EURUSD adds a chunk to shorts. CAD shorts double. Bitcoin shorts that have been hanging in there have minted it again.

Last week’s data was delayed due to the holiday’s.

Ryan Littlestone

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