November 2018 US retail sales data 14 December 2018

  • Retail sales 0.2% vs 0.2% exp m/m. Prior 0.8%. Revised to 1.1%
  • Ex-autos 0.2% vs 0.2% exp m/m. Prior 0.7%. Revised to 1.0%
  • Ex-gas/autos 0.5% vs vs 0.3% prior. Revised to 0.7%
  • Control group 0.9% vs 0.4% exp m/m. Prior 0.3%. Revised to 0.7%

Good solid core sales and good revisions too. Nothing for the Fed to worry about in this report but as mentioned in the earlier post, we need to take this and next month’s together for an overall picture. If shoppers have done all their Christmas shopping in Nov, Dec could see a reverse.

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Ryan Littlestone

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