Best wishes and compliments of the season to all our readers and the people in the ForexFlow trading room from across the region.

I’m spending the duration of the holiday with my wife’s family. All thoughts of dieting are on hold as the smells from the kitchen begin to fill the house. The red bags hong bao have been filled, awaiting the arrival of the younger nephews and nieces.

I’ve found the festivities quite a marathon in years past. A week of non stop eating and drinking. Visiting friends and relations who overwhelm you with delicious foods and baiju, epitomizing the famous Chinese tradition of welcoming smiles and the very best hospitality. I’m going to have to try and pace myself  😉

新年快乐,财源滚滚,大吉大利!from Ryan, the K meister and myself, and all the Ladies and Gents in the ForexFlow trading room.

Horatio Dubsly

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