The traditional parties see part of their votes go the rightwing nationalist party

Polls suggest :
-Merkels CDU/CSU     33%
-Martin Schultz SPD    20%
-AFD Jörg Meuthen     13%
-FDP                            10%
-GREEN                        9%
-LEFT                            9%
Scores to evolve as the official results drip in, final results to be expected around 2am GMT on Monday.
If the SPD would go into opposition, Ms Merkel’s could see a three-way coalition with the ecologist Greens and the returning Liberal Free Democrats. The estimates gave the FDP 10 %, and the Green party 9 per %.It would make things a little complex but since both parties have been out of the Parliament after the latest elections, there’s a good possibility they will accept such coalition.
Will that be a game changer for the Euro ? We could see short term disappointment sales related to the AFD surge, but there’s bigger fish to fry on the geopolitical side , with 2 big babies messaging and tweeting each other into hell .


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