That’s if they can get it underway…

The complexity of the regulations as mentioned yesterday has caused a delay in the launch of Mifid II on the European futures exchanges as reported by FT .
European ETF providers are very bullish that MIFID II , with it  increased transparency , will lead to catch up of European ETF’s. There’s a huge potential to attract funds, which the US has shown over the past years.The US ETF market weighs 3.5 Trln USD compared to 800 B approx in Europe .
Once the investors and public will be confident on application of these regulations, we may be in for the next sizeable rotation of funds into the Eurozone. Not going to happen today but keep we need keep a close eye on developments and launch. Don’t forget the market anticipates big events, the EURO could see quite a move up if we get positive comments from bigger investors

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