JGB auction results 10.01.2018

  • Japan MoF sells 2.24¥T v ¥2.3T indicated in 0.1% (prior 0.1%) 10-yr JGB
  • Average yield 0.078 % v 0.059% prior
  • Tail yield same
  • Bid to cover 3.74 vs 3.7 prior

That wasn’t to bad after all then and for the time being it’s quiet from official side.No immediate moves on this auction but Jpy’s been strengthening again from fixing time after a round of short covering which capped at the first 112.80 resistance.
As it stands :
USDJPY 112.30
EURJPY 134.13
GBPJPY 152.00
AUJPY 87.90
CHFJPY 114.20



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