I’ve been watching this cross with an eye to layering in some short positions.


GBPNZD can be a monster to trade at times. The small intraday swings can be sharply V ‘ shaped and often leave you questioning your judgement. That’s why it is very important to try and time the best entry possible with wider stops than you would apply to the major pairs. I am a little concerned that Kiwi could be running out of juice after a good run, yet we could say the same about the GBP  – So trading this purely on technicals for now.

If I’m hoping for a larger target, then I layer in several positions over time with my larger core position at the beginning of my trade sequence.

I have opened my first short position at the fib combo highlighted on the chart, so this will be a low risk trade from here with price starting to move very slightly in my favor today. — The fibs are the large swing from the November 2016 low to this years January high at 23.6% of the move – and the 61.8% of the smaller November 2017 to the same high marker of the January 2018 latest highs…………..I have my stops situated above my 1.9070 entry below 1.9100 .




Horatio Dubsly

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