A letter to my Ex

I thought I’d write a personal open letter for those you have been recently hurt

Dear Ex,

I feel with have grown apart. I really don’t understand how you can be so distant and unreliable. It hurts and I can’t work it out. I certainly can’t read into any signs you may have given.

You promise one thing, then do another. Things have changed so please help me work it out. It all started when you got a pay rise three weeks ago (NFP) I thought that would be the solution to our problems but oh no, it wasn’t.

Then you got scared that the stuff we buy might go up really quickly (Inflation fears) but when things did got up (CPI on Wednesday), you brushed it off like it didn’t matter. And, then you returned all the nice gifts you bought me to the shops without any explanation! (Retail Sales)

Please do not be short with me again (vol) because I will talk to your uncle Ben (Bernanke) as apparently 1.2 trillion USD of implicit unwind might upset everyone.

You indicated you felt weaker (USD) then you were stronger (USD again) and just when I thought you were ok, you became an unreliable partner. (A bit like that English Canadian chap who runs The Bank of England)

I remain your humble servant


Patrick Reid
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