Good evening, Monday morning to our more Easter readers

Nothing much of note happened over the weekend(for the FX markets that is) , hence the opening rates are pretty close to Friday’s close.Auntie May’s Saturday intervention didn’t move the FX crowds for now. EU doesn’t like the citizen- and ECJ plans but that’s not really new.
Bear in mind it’s still early hours so liquidity is thin and changing.
It’s a slow kick off of the week with several holidays in the US , China, Canada and Greece.
Japanese trade balance tonight , Eurogroup meetings are the first points of interest with Carney later into the Monday night.
I’m back after a few days off(I kept an eye on the markets though)and another rollercoaster week with a good result for my EURUSD longs from 1.2230s,which I finally closed on Friday after the fresh high rejection back through 1.2520.
Safe travels and Happy Hunting

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