Friday was one of those strange days we often encounter. I woke and turned on the screens to get a quick update on what had occurred overnight without much of a clue of what I was going to trade that day.


The USD had been losing ground again in the Asia session. The selling was relentless. If you are anything like me, you could be forgiven for feeling slightly jaundiced by all the chatter. …….”Bonds are busting” – “All eyes on yields”- “Confidence in equity markets fading” – “Death of the dollar”- ” EURUSD estimates for 2018 revised higher”.………. Yawn.

It’s always advisable to read up on the news and daily market zeitgeist, yet being more of a shorter term trader I prefer to drink my fear porn cocktail with a slice of lemon on the side.

Look no further than this site for the very best commentators in the business. The ForexFlow crew often have a unique slightly ‘outside of the box’ way of expressing and dissecting news …..That’s all I need. I’ve never had great desire to waste my valuable time flipping from page to page of a plethora of different websites, just for all of them to tell me the same thing.-  Patrick ( ‘The Dude’ as I like to call him ) wrote a very honest appraisal of the markets going into Fridays session. A great example of the kind of commentary that’s hard to find elsewhere.

I went into Friday knowing that my trading time would be limited. New Year here and everything stops for delicious dinners,intoxicating beverage and merrymaking. ………My approach was to be simple. Quick in and outs ( where possible ) and on to the festivities.  You can tell by the reposts of my live News Feed remarks that this was my mindset. Little did I know at the time that this would turn out to be a very good albeit shortened trading day……………Skill?….Fluke?.. Lucky break?……..They all count 🙂


ForexFlow live news feed


ForexFlow live news feed





Horatio Dubsly

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