Angela Merkel aged a bit in 5 months time but she got there in the end…

It’s Sunday night already, I could have done with a day between Saturday and Sunday this weekend …
As expected EURO opens bid and the USD smalls on the defensive(not that much for now)after SPD votes in favour of the CDU coalition and Trump getting the world over his head as he confirms no exceptions on the planned steel and aluminium tariffs.

Italian elections : 5Star party receives between 29 and 32% of the Italian votes and is the biggest single Party, exit polls point to a hung Parliament. More details as the night goes on our Live blog on the Home page.

The week will be packed with more fun and games, Central banks with RBA, BOC and ECB, the Us labour report and more will add spice to a no doubt global politically packed week.
Happy hunting and stay safe, the market is as slippery as wet cobble stones.

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