Nothing is far from Friday’s closing rates.

Bloomberg and Reuters both report on US-NK denuclearisation talks. On Wednesday we could hear from Kim himself when North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly is set to hold its annual meeting.
On the other hand Syria’s chemical attack will see U.N. meet on Monday and it’s heating up the tensions between the US and Russia .
The balance for risk could tilt on Tuesday when China’s Xi is addressing the Boao forum in China. Depending on his tone, the markets will very likely react although he might not directly declare any counter measures.
The economic calendar will really start to heat up from Tuesday.We do have a few bits and bobs out this Mnday morning but not sure these will change much in the early picture. For CAD position holders, we have CAD housing starts(12:15 gmt)BOC’s economic outlook at 14:30 gmt.

I wish you all a great trading week in our company .
Stay safe, its early hours and illiquid and happy hunting


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