An extremely subdued session so far.


I’m looking at trades that I am in — Not many at present and most are remnants ( part positions ) from previous trades over the last weeks …….A word of caution as we tail off towards the weekend . As I said in my USDCAD post ” Never a bad time to take some profits “.

I’m worried, slightly shocked and disappointed at the verbosity spewing from our so called world leaders. I guess I should be used to it by now , yet I would truly relish the chance of knocking some heads together. Any military action over Syria over the weekend will have markets gapping severely on the Monday open.

I’m never in the ‘chancer’ camp thinking there is a 50% risk ratio that my open trades could gain and win out . I’d rather play it safe and preserve my hard work . Be especially careful out there today my friends and do not give the market a chance to take it back .

Horatio Dubsly

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