Fairly quiet once the e-commerce gets underway.

As per our expectations on Friday and previous pre-market open update by Ryan on the live home page, in current situation no gaps, risk smalls better bid also as expected on the less than really messy strikes. The uncertainty is on what’s to come. Are we going to see the cyberattacks? That’s a kick in the open door really … Question is where, when and how nasty …  In that respect I don’t expect risk to run to far away for now.
In the meantime we can trade a few data perhaps? The first ones to come out are the US retail sales at 12;30 gmt tomorrow. If you’re in desperate need to hear yet another CB’er though, don’t despair, Fed’s Bostic is to speak on the economy at/around 17;15 gmt.

Stay safe and happy hunting, don’t forget it’s early doors and illiquid, things could change rapidly on any headline


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