A few surprises but then what?

I was looking at Sunday’s post to find big moves and guess what? I have to say that after going through the butcher’s mill, a lot of major currencies swam pretty ok
through the risk week. Take 2: EURJPY opened on the 127s, closes in the 128s , EURCHF opens low 1.15s, closes around 1.16 and if the kiwi, which it is in a way, shows a direction, it’s higher. It’s not obvious tbh, I can try to look for patterns, the only one I found is EM got another risk off beating for most part of the week ok, but tonight has seen a pretty fast come back.
Lesson learned? Yup, take fast pips and walk away or … Don’t worry to much about risk. I’m traveling in between both to be very honest right now.
Reason why I cut my USD positions right now and only keep short EURGBP(to much noise) and short EURCAD(TO MUCH NOISE) open as I don’t like the EUR data at all.

We’ll have the G7 out with their draft or other statement, which we heard and read all about already ahead of this weekend. We’ll have a failed Vollgeld Swiss referendum out and we’re looking forward to a well programmed NK summit between Trump and Kim next week. Can we trade data again please ?

Thank you so much for all your input and wit this week. I hope we could help you in getting some order into the disorder.
Have a cracker of a weekend and see you on Sunday night


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