SNB monetary policy decision on 21.06.2018

  • Maintain 3 month libor range
  • Remain active in the currency markets as needed
  • Franc remains highly valued
  • Maintain 2018 growth around 2%
  • At 0.9%, the inflation forecast for 2018 is 0.3 percentage points higher than projected at the March assessment. For 2019, the SNB continues to anticipate inflation of 0.9%. For 2020, we expect to see inflation of 1.6%, compared with 1.9% forecast in the last quarter
  • Here’s the link to the report
  • We also have the Financial Stability Report out today. Always makes for an interesting need if not directly impacting the CHF at the minute

Raised 2018 inflation outlook due to oil, counterbalancing it with a lower 2020 outlook. Smart …
CHF stable at 1.1522 vs EUR and USDCHF at 0.9970

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