SNB leaves interest rate unchanged at -0.75%

SNB leaves Interest rates unchanged at -0.75%

SNB monetary policy decision on 21.06.2018 Maintain 3 month libor range Remain active in the currency markets as needed Franc remains highly valued Maintain 2018 growth around 2% At 0.9%, the inflation forecast for 2018 is 0.3 percentage points higher than projected...
There’s no need to rush rate hikes says SNB’s Jordan

SNB’s Jordan not saying anything new

The pressser with the SNB head Thomas Jordan Higher short-term inflation forecast due to increased oil prices and weakening franc SF is still highly valued Willingness to intervene in FX market remains important Long-tern inflationary pressure in Switzerland has not...
SNB leaves interest rate unchanged at -0.75%

SNB leaves interest rates unchanged

Details from the December 2017 SNB monetary policy meeting 14 December 2017 3m LIBOR lower target -1.25% 3m LIBOR upper target -0.25% Sight deposit rate -0.75% Highlights; Remains active in currency markets as necessary 2018 GDP around 2.0% vs 1.0% prior 2017 CPI 0.5%...

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