EUR opens a tad weaker

Good evening and welcome to the second half of the year in our company. The World Cup is surprising and so will the FX markets be no doubt.
All the best and here we go again.
EUR and risk dropped in pre market but as the e-biz gets underway, prices came back close to Friday’s close.

Trump is putting pressure on the Saudi’s to up their production to max capacity.
Merkel and her coalition partners can’t get out of the migration web, putting her government possibly in danger. Rumours Seehofer may resign.
The IMF report shows USD share of global reserves continues to slide .
The EU in Brussels is threatening to go into a full blown trade war, imposing up to 300B $ in tariffs if Trump pushes forward with his car tariffs.
30 Conservative members have pressed PM May to “get tough” in Brexit negotiations.

In the meantime the wait begins to see who won the Mexican elections
All the best, here are the rates

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