Hopefully England can join us for the semis tomorrow

Despite tariffs being implemented, risk didn’t suffer much. Seems like we have mostly gainers and not a lot of losers this week.
If there are losers to mentions it’ll be smalls the CNY/CNH and the USD.
On the other side special mention to the MXN gaining nearly 5% and the rand 2.5% this week.The scandies come next, SEK in the lead with a 2% gain, followed by the NOK gaining a little over 1%.
EUR and GBP pull their strings ok. GBP has been a yoyo but BOE keeping the rate rise hope alive and May getting support for her Brexit plan gave GBP a late boost.
At least that was her version…

Very little to look out for this weekend. It may be a quiet one for a change.
Rest me to thank you all for your input and support this week. I hope we could help you navigate the waves.
Enjoy, relax, do pleasant things and we see each other again on Sunday night


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