Copious  amounts of opinions in our trading room on the surge in Yen weakness


K-man is our much loved resident Yen master having the real trading knowledge having lived in Japan and trading from the sharp end in the business. Master ‘ under the Kimono 🙂  as I call him

Yen has been a wild ride of late. if we had any notion of testing the long side we could have been severely reprimanded by the recent unrelenting bearish price action …………… Is the run about to crack ?

I’ve tested a few levels here. Chancy ? …. Yes .

As with all my trading I attempt to keep risk on my side, or at least lessen the blow if it were to go against me

That’s enough bluster from me . Placed a few charts below to explain where my head’s leaning at this present time from a technical  ‘my opinion’  viewpoint . I am short USDJPY and EURJPY …. stops are now in.

I’m not the most proficient Elliott wave theorist , nor do I use it much.  yet I do take notice. If you have ever had the pleasure of getting 3 of these super guys together ( had that experience over a few cold ones )  you soon come to realize they often do not agree on the count . I remember having a great time and a few beers  that night because watching them trying to convince eachother was so much fun ………….. Think the count could be calling very close to  turns here .





Horatio Dubsly

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