Friday 20.07.2018 FX closing rates

Another rock’n roll week done. Far to many politics overpowering data but that is the era we’re living in for now. I invite you to scroll through our “home ” tab for all headlines you may have missed.
USD finished the week on a low. Especially JPY, CHF and EUR benefitted. GBP still closes the week lower but avoided a beating which was close mid week.CNH was still a loser in the trade space but saw finally some offers come in above 6.81 vs USD.
Don’t forget the G20 this weekend, which could lead to some gap openings come Sunday night.
Hopefully you could make sense of things and make some dough. It hasn’t always been obvious, I have had my ups n downs having been taken off guard at times by the comments but with relatively tight risk management and smaller amounts due to summer times, managed to keep head above water.
Rest me to wish you all a great weekend. Relax, do funny things and recharge the batteries.
Thank you all for your company and comments.

See you on Sunday night.

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