A quick update on the USDJPY position posted last week.


I opened a short position  link to post  from the daily doji candle. My thinking at the time was that we could be seeing a secondary top forming . The trade had an easy risk reward using the top of the Daily candle as the stop loss.

Anyone familiar with the way I like to trade ( Ryan K-man included ) will be aware that defining our risk is one of the most important aspects of any open position. I make mistakes, we cant ever hope to be correct with every press of a button.– If our risks are defined we can keep the losses small and manageable .

We’ve broken the trendlines on the D1 chart and price must be viewed as bearish although far too early to be calling a major reversal .


USDJPY – Daily live


Below shows the entry chart from the previous post .( link provided above ).


USDJPY – Daily


Here’s a current rather psychedelic chart of the Hourly. I dont use this type of chart to trade from . I like it very much to show me the shorter term directional bias in a visible easy to read ‘ one glance ‘  format .





Horatio Dubsly

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