Sunday 14.10.2018 FX opening rates.

Good evening all together. I hope you a good rest. A lot has happened and still is to happen. Brexit evolves( or not) by the hour, Bavarian elections gave Merkel the shivers. In the Middle East, nothing had been made easier either. And the US is in a reflection phase between equities and bonds…

-Merkel suffers.
Brexit no deal done , which we didn’t expect over the weekend but politicians are trying to make extremely hard work of it, better said justify their salary and daily allowances. GBP de facto opens lower. I’d love to be neutral but I still think a deal will be struck and my guts would like to buy any decent GBP dip. Call it 0.89 EURGBP or 1.2880/1.2900 cable for now.
-One nutshell of what’s going on this coming week by the FT.
Japan not ready to discuss FX with US.

EUR/USD opens surprisingly stable on the Bavarian elections around 1.1550.
Loads to be decided politically and to be digested data wise this week . Be ready, take advantage of what possibly will be big moves but be careful on a gazillion contrarian political headlines again to drive the algo’s crazy.

Here are tonight opening rates.




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