Sunday 28.10.2018 FX opening rates.

Good evening everyone, I hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

The main weekend news can be found on our homepage . Merkel lost more support, SPD threatens to leave the coalition next year if no more results are shown.

This week will be another big one on the data front all side of the oceans. Here are the main ones but there’s more fun on the calendars.
-For GBP in particular we get the budget tomorrow, last one before Brexit kicks in, BOE on Thursday and in between the WTO waves as Ryan reported.
Japan sees BOJ out on Wednesday, no change expected. In the meantime we’ll have to monitor if MOF/BOJ put their weight under Topics and/or Nikkei. Friday we saw a late rally in JPY crosses after their confirmation of having held a meeting in regards to the recent declines.
-Eurozone will get the GDP’s and unemployment rates out this week .
-Australia CPI , trade balance, PPI etc.
-In the US it’s heavy data week too starting with personal income tomorrow, crowning the week by our all favourite labour report on Friday! In the meantime another heavy week for corporate earnings could spice up dead moments, which I doubt there will be a lot of.

Here are the opening rates. As usual be aware it’s very early and illiquid. Things can evolve fast.

Safe travels and happy hunting in our company .

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