Sunday 23.12.2018 FX opening rates.

Good evening, morning all together. I hope you enjoyed a peaceful weekend preparing the festive season.

As the fragile Friday market gets confirmation of a US government shutdown, Trump wondering how bad his own hiring of Powell was, the world wondering how the US military pull out of ME is going to end, also for the White House staff, Navarro not convinced US can reach a deal with China in the next 90 days, risk opens understandably lower, well JPY stronger at least. CHF has been living a life on its own or shall I say on SNB’s own and hasn’t really traded its safe haven status for a good while.I’m short EURJPY and happy to keep it running for now.

Here are the FX opening rates. Be careful out there, the pre Christmas illiquidity will be felt even more as Japan’s closed for the Emperor’s Birthday festivities.

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