Sunday 03.03.2019 FX retail opening rates.

Good evening, morning all, I hope you had a fun and peaceful weekend.
As per Ryan’s updates on our homepage, we have a few gaps, especially on GBP.
USD also opens a bit lower across the board on Trump’s “so strong USD” comments, but not sure how long that’ll last.

This week will another big one on trade with China’s “Two sessions” meetings where we certainly will get more reactions on past US meetings, US’ demand to drop all tariffs on US food agricultural goods and in preparation of end of March Mar-a-Lago Trump-Xi summit.
Brexit will of course remain at the centre in preparation of the 1é-14th March votes.

Data wise it’ll also big bigglie with a packed calendar: PPI’s, PMI’s GDP’s, the whole abbrevs index,  working towards the apotheosis on Friday with the US labour report. We’re kicking off with Ozzy housing data and Eurozone PPI in the Monday morning.
In the mix it’s Central bank fiesta with RBA( are we getting dovish yet?)on Tuesday, BOC( did Poloz get that GDP scare?) on Wednesday and ECB awaited on Thursday: will we get new TLTRO’s announced, will Draghi and friends give us a hint they are delaying further the “after summer 2019” rate hikes?

Plenty to go for again as one can see. We’ll be doing our best once again to guide you through the storms.

Here are the opening rates, have a pipful week!

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