FX opening rates 07.04.2019.

Good evening, morning for our Asian fellow traders and readers,

The weekend press hasn’t, barring UK PM May leaning towards either her deal or no exit, produced to many big waves. GBP opens OK but it’s early doors and seen the illiquidity, things can change rapidly. The rest is pretty much unchanged compared to the Friday close.

Other news:
-Trump and Kudlow continue to push Moore and Cain forward for the the 2 open Fed roles.
-The new NAFTA deal is not signed yet and could get hampered by upcoming elections.
Macron more and more the leader of the hard line in Brextension negotiations.
-Despite ailing support, LDP easily wins local elections as opposition is nowhere.
Italy is expected to raise it budget deficit goal for 2020 this week from 1.8% to 2.1%. Surprised anyone ? 😉

It’s going to be a monster data week, spiced with Fed minutes and the ECB policy meeting. As a fil rouge, Brexit of course, what else with the EU summit on the Wednesday. We’ll be on your side to navigate the high seas once more. Enjoy the last bit of Sunday quiet before the storm.

Here are the opening levels.

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