What’s on the menu ?

-Macron is speaking at the Sorbonne this afternoon. He will outline his plans for the Eurozone, vision and reforms. Will it be enough to dissipate current German, Catalan, ECB questions?
It could be a market mover and I would say the risk is still tilted to the downside for now in case the market feels underwhelmed once Macron will give details .
-We have ECB Praet at 12:00 gmt
-FOMC member Mester at 13:30 gmt
-New home sales out of the Us at 14:00 gmt
-FOMC member Brainard at 14:30 gmt
-Finally Janet Yellen at 16:45 gmt .

Plenty to go for again today , in the meantime the short EURUSD positions we put on yesterday are doing very well.Let’s see how we come out of today’s debates,


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