Your choice is between a conservative and … a conservative

Nikkei has a detailed Abe-Koike’s electoral comparison article . In essence Koike’s program is quite laudable, a little harder to convince Corporate Japan and even harder to implement.
-She basically plans to phase out the nuclear for 2030, still using the “safe” plants. Abe wants to restart the “safe” nuclear plants as well. The article forgot to mention that on his many foreign trips , the LNG specific companies have accompanied him and have put in place many projects outside Japan, which will start to come into effect about now and next year.
-On the change of laws: Both want Japan to increase defensive capabilities, where Koike wants a deeper reform, not sure the pacific electorate will be warm enough to support that. Even Democrat runners to the Hope Party are not specifically endorsing her Security Plan.
-She wants to tax Corporate lazy assets, to push them to invest and create jobs. Abe tried it sending them free cash , didn’t really full materialize is the result.Not sure if taxing the big corps and giving it to private companies for them to flourish, will gain her many votes from the elite voters.
-Monday the lists of candidates need to be made public a the electoral campaign starts on Tuesday, but by now Koike’s party would not have enough candidates to fully challenge Abe’s majority as it seems.The weekend can always bring some surprises, but there’s a real risk the battle will be unequal, especially if Edano succeeds in getting a part of the Unions behind him.

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