AUD and CAD finally the winners of the day

Looking at the week, we’ve been through some mill again but the USD didn’t do badly after all after fears of a melt down via the equities.
EUR and commods lost a little ground although the latter saw a rebound today with AUD and CAD strengthening.
EUR had to give in across the risk board let’s say but we’re stil in a broad range.Anotable loser today was SEK as Riksbank continues to hammer on SEK not to gain to rapidly( please I’m very actively NOT manipulating my currency )
Next week we’re in month end territory ,European inflation data and US growth and PMI numbers, so plenty of opportunities to grab pips again.
In the meantime I want to thank you again for this week and wish you the best of weekends, relax, enjoy the family, have loads of fun and don’t forget to sleep as
on Monday we’re starting the fancy fair again.


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