Another blockbuster of a week past and ahead

Loads of successes mixed with some failures to remind us we’re not invincible, kept all of us very busy again this week. JPY comes out on top of the pile once more, especially on the crosses where there’s to much uncertainty across on trade wars, low inflations, local politics weighing on what would has been a better USD week on better US data(again) but it still can’t hold rallies against this baby. Honourable mention to the GBP for holding the flag high in major land. Scandies outperformed on better CPI and employment data, but the commodity block lost a battle this week, especially in the latter part as Nafta and China induced trade uncertainties saw quite big levels give way on each of them.
As Ryan already mentioned , it’s going to be the week of the Pound, get ready, I would be surprised to see the same closing rates next Friday. There will be much more going on again with EUropean PPI’s , the German Zew, a certain FOMC, RBNZ rate decision,Australian jobs report and to close the week Canadian CPI’s .
I hope there’s enough with the 48 hours weekend to get ready for it.
As you can see, the ForexFlow team adopted the Zen attitude for the weekend weekend in the advent of more fun and games.
Enjoy a perfect weekend and do funny things with those you love! See you on Sunday night.



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