FX closing rates on 30.11.2018

It’s not that often that we can put USD, AUD and NZD together on a podium. This despite Fed’s more cautious approach. Risk gained compared to the start of the week. Data and positioning have spoken.
EM yoyo-ed but closes relatively flat. TRY gains, RUB loses in that space.
All the others were smalls to larger losers, mainly due to their own problems: data, Brexit or other trade uncertainties as Ryan summed it up.

G20 weekend, I’m traveling light as per my previous post . I am keeping a small EURSEK short and a left over short EURGBP from a post Buba sale at 0.8917. GBP may actually benefit from any US-EU mishap in Argentina, having had most of the negative Brexit comments for now.

Rest me to wish you all a restful, peaceful, funny weekend. We’ll judge upon the G20 on Sunday. Tadaaa

Rates at 21.30 GMT with daily fluctuation.

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