FX opening rates on 09.12.2018.

Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone. I hope you had a peaceful and restful weekend.
Most of the weekend press is to be found on our “home” tab.
Another “yellow vest” destruction weekend in France and a bit in Belgium, Macron will address the nation tomorrow Monday at 8PM local time, 7PM GMT.
Intensified tensions over Huawei, the Mueller investigations heating up in the US, US dems shouting to impeach Trump, the UK press all over Tuesday’s Brexit vote, Chinese data slipping and sliding, the Belgian govt on its knees again and I probably forgot a few more catastrophes around the globe.

The coming week promises to be a big one again with all these tensions. The UK lawmakers to vote on May’s Brexit plan, read Ryan’s thoughts about how to trade it,   More US-Chinese ping-pong in the pipe. Add to that another packed important data week all around, ECB on Thursday. It’s going to be hot.
For now there’s not a lot to buy, each country seems to suffer in one way or another. Risk looks poor, commod currencies ditto. Oil looked good on Friday but as we’re experiencing data that show a general slowdown, it may not last.

Here are the e-commerce opening rates. It’s early doors and illiquid at this time. Be careful out there.
Have a great week in our company.

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