A few charts and musings as we head into the new week of trading. My best wishes to all our friends here for a successful one.


EURGBP :  I had a feeling that this one had overshot last week and placed my view on the live blog and in our room. I am out of my short ( late Friday trading ), yet still very much like the downside and aim to pick this one off ( short positions ) early this week. No idea how the market will open and how the new week will judge this pairing. I am confident in attempting to pick this one off on higher prices. The blue area will be my comfort zone for the short bias.


EURGBP H4 ( pre market )


My chart from entry below posted on the live blog …..


EURGBP Hourly chart


USDCADI’m holding short  into the new week alongside a very lucrative EURCAD short positioning from Thursday of last week. I’ve often posted about the guys on this site quantifying and dissecting the news in a special way. Maybe I’m biased.-Get a load of this post from Ryan if you haven’t already ‘clicked on to it’   Trading is a lonely business sometimes ( most of the time, to be honest with ourselves ) , yet I get a great boost when others are able to covey my own thoughts and  my reasons for liking a particular trade / bias  into words and  action ……………..Must give a shout to Luke, Chef and Magic man who also had a pip fest last week on these in our trading room .


USDCAD H4 chart (pre open)


We could get a kick higher on this one ( judging by where we ended up on Friday ) – I’m only seeking to add to my short position from here. I included the Ichimoku cloud  in the chart  above. – This will be my cut off / stop loss / rethink area for my short from here If price were to breach the red horizontal  line ( top of cloud ) on the above chart .

Chart from the live blog on Friday. The grey area highlighted my suspicion that price had overshot at the time of writing ( fake upside break )  …..


USDCAD H4 (Friday)




Horatio Dubsly

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